Creating Events in Google Calendar


Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendar apps. It's great for keeping track of events and getting reminders when things are due. Now, with an easy integration with Gladly, you can get reminders about Gladly Tasks from Google Calendar!

This tutorial will lead you through the process of connecting Google Calendar to Gladly so that every time a task is created in Gladly, it will also be added to your Google Calendar.

Getting started

To successfully complete this tutorial, you will need:

Creating Gladly tasks as Google Calendar invites

Step #1: Create a new Zap in Zapier

If you're new to Zapier, don't worry! Zapier provides a wonderful guide on how to get started creating Zaps.

Step #2: Choose the Gladly app

For the first action of your new Zap, search for and choose Gladly (1.0.1).

Hint: Don't forget to give your Zap a descriptive name!

Step #3: Add a Task/Created trigger

Choose Task Created as the trigger event. This means that every time an Agent adds a Task in Gladly, this Zap will be triggered.

Authenticate: At this point, you will be asked to authenticate with your Gladly account. This is where you need your Gladly username and API token. If you need help generating an API token, check out the developer docs.

Hint: The Gladly URL will generally be https://{YOUR-COMPANY-NAME}

Step #4: Request Task information from Gladly

Create the next step in your Zap. Choose the Gladly application again, but this time use the Get Task Action Event.

You will be asked to select an authentication through Gladly again. Use the one from the previous step and click CONTINUE.

In order to get information about the right Task, use the Id of the created Task from the payload of the first Action.

Step #5: Create a customized event in Google Calendar

Add another action to your Zap, this time choosing Google Calendar as the App and Create Detailed Event as the Action Event.

Once you've connected to your Google account, choose the calendar that the event will be added to. Next, customize the event by choosing data from the Task payload.

Add Event Description

The Text description of the Task is the most descriptive information since it holds the body of the Task in Gladly. This is best used to in the Description of the Google Calendar Event.

Set Event Times

Google Calendar events require a Start and End Date & Time. The Due Date of the Gladly Task works great for here!

Step #6: Test your Zap!

You're all done with set up! How easy was that?

Now you can test your Zap by turning your Zap on, adding a Task in Gladly, and then checking for the new calendar event that was created in your Google Calendar. Be sure to double check the event description and due date!

You can also check that everything went through your Zap on Zapier by going to the Task History menu at the top when you log in.