Posting New Conversations in Slack


Slack is collaboration software that is loved for its organized conversations, searchable history, and easy integration abilities. Some Gladly customers use it to communicate internally among teams. Fortunately, integrating Gladly and Slack has never been easier thanks to Zapier.

This tutorial will lead you through the process of connecting Gladly to Slack so that every time a customer reaches out, you are notified via Slack message.

Getting started

To successfully complete this tutorial, you will need:

Posting a New Conversation to Slack

Step #1: Create a new Zap

If you're new to Zapier, don't worry! Zapier provides a wonderful guide on how to get started creating Zaps.

Step #2: Choose the Gladly app

For the first action of your new Zap, search for and choose Gladly (1.0.1).

Hint: Don't forget to give your Zap a descriptive name!

Step #3: Add a Conversation Created trigger

Choose Conversation Created as the Trigger Event. This means that every time a Conversation is created in Gladly, this Zap will be triggered.

Authenticate: At this point, you will be asked to authenticate with your Gladly account. This is where you need your Gladly username and API token. If you need help generating an API token, check out the developer docs.

Hint: The Gladly URL will generally be https://{YOUR-COMPANY-NAME}

Step #4: Get Conversation Items from Gladly

Create the next step in your Zap. Choose the Gladly application again, but this time use the Get Conversation Items Action Event.

Choose your gladly account.

Select the ID from the Conversation Created payload as the Conversation Id when customizing this Action Event to pull in Conversation Items from the newly created Conversation.

Step #5: Send Channel Message to Slack

Create another step in your Zap, but this time choose the Slack application and the Send Channel Message Action Event.

After you authenticate with your Slack account, you will need to choose the Slack workspace that you wish to connect to.

Step #6: Customize the Slack message

Customize the Slack message that will be posted with the following fields:

Channel: Specify the Slack channel that you want this message posted to.

Message Text: You can include any content here that you think is relevant, but we recommend using Conversation Items Conversation Items Content Content (the content of the incoming communication from the Customer) from the Get Conversation Items payload.

Step #7: Test your Zap!

You're all done with setup! How easy was that?

Make sure to test your Zap by creating a new Conversation in Gladly. Next, go to the Slack channel that you connected and make sure there is a new message.

You can also check that everything went through your Zap on Zapier by going to the Task History menu.