androidchatsdk / Notable Classes / UIConfiguration / <init>


UIConfiguration(font:String= "", secondaryFont:String? = null, timeFormat:String? = null, headerConfiguration:UIHeaderConfiguration= UIHeaderConfiguration())

The UI values that can be configured.

font/secondaryFont: Custom fonts are supported, the font file must be in the assets/fonts folder and will automatically be loaded (if it can).


Name File Note
CustomFont CustomFont.ttf Good
Custom Font Custom Font.ttf Good
CustomFont Custom Font.ttf Bad


Format Note
‘HH’ or ‘hh’ 24 hour time or 12 hour time
‘mm’ minutes
‘ss’ seconds
‘a’ or ‘A’ am/pm or AM/PM
e.g. ‘hh:mm:ss a’ ‘11:30:15 am’


font - The font used for Sidekick chats. Chat messages will use this font if secondaryFont is not set.

secondaryFont - The font used for chat messages.

timeFormat - An optional time format that can be used to display your custom format.

headerConfiguration - ServerConfiguration settings for the Sidekick header banner.